Tony "Bone" Ferrell is not a name easily recognizable in the Music Industry, but after listening to his first CD "Succisa Virescit", you would expect to see a list of schools he attended, acknowledgements any awards he received or Bands he has played with. But that's not the case. Tony "Bone" Ferrell is self taught and still learning. But if this CD gives us any hint of things to come, then his Music as well as "The Tony Ferrell All Star Band" will soon be a well-known name and a "Must See".
Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Tony had no thoughts of writing Music. In fact, there were no one in his family played an instrument or seemed to be Musically inclined. He would attend and graduate from ST. Dorothy's Elementary School, then after three years of High School at Corpus Christi/Hales Fransiscan, he dropped out and decided to join the Marine Corps where he served his "Boot Camp" at San Diego California, shortly after he was sent to Viet Nam. During his time in Viet Nam he was highly decorated, receiving the Purple Heart and several other  awards and Commendations. It was that experience that inspired him to write Poetry and lyrics. 
Upon his return to Chicago he worked several jobs, including working in the Emergency Room of a Major Hospital for 14 years. During those years he picked up the Guitar and started learning what he could on his own. Feeling he had enough of tough living, he would relocate back to California where he worked as  High School Security as well as coaching Track and Volleyball. However,  He didn't stop writing or trying to play the Guitar.
After retiring, he wondered how what he had created in his mind and on paper would actually sound like if were recorded.
His Musical Journey began with a knock on a door and a  meeting with the person who would become his Producer, his Drummer and his Friend, Dino Maddalone.
Choosing his first song to record was easy...It was "Maji"..A soft, smooth Instrumental that quickly became one of his most popular pieces, and was recorded by and with one of the Greatest and most respected Musicians and Violinist in the Industry....Jimbo Ross.
One song led to another and after enough songs were recorded, a Band was formed and the Journey began. That Journey would lead to "The Tony Ferrell All Star Band" and they would perform at such Historic Venues as the world famous Whisky a Go-Go in Hollywood Ca., Alvas Music Showroom in San Pedro, Ca., The James Armstrong Theater in Torrance, Ca., The French Quarters (Jimi Hendrix Tribute Show) in Bellflower Ca, The Grand Annex in San Pedro, Ca. and considered the top "Original" Band in the South Bay Area.
The Band members themselves had played with such GREATS as MJ., Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Sir Paul Mc Cartney, Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Joe Walsh. And the Female vocalist sang Toyota commercials and theme songs for a hit TV Show..(see Band page for their Bios). 

Also on this journey their have been other who have contributed greatly so a special thanks goes out to Steve Marquez, Sergio Herrera, Fitz Magee, Gary Sprewell, Frank Unzuerta, Rocco Persutti, Steve Basquera, Dan Weinstien and Dennis Napolitano for their help and professionalism in making his Music and this Musical Journey possible.
Other than Music, Tony is the Author of the Book "Four Year Run", Was a Professional Boxer, Coached several Sports, and as an Actor he Plays the role of "Angelo The Click" in the Pappa Razzi Family, he plays himself in the Movie "Sunshine" and his song "Won't Look Back" is also featured in the Movie as well.
Not bad for a kid from the South Side of Chicago....Much Love! 

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